Know The Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Procedures of Tonsil Stones

For many people tonsil stone is the most annoying medical hoax, but in reality they are causing real problem in many people. Tonsil Stones are also medically termed as tonsilliths or tonsilloliths and they are basically the benevolent of bacteria or debris accumulation in the crypts of tonsil. These stones on tonsil may cause discomfort and pain in some cases, but they are not medically termed as dangerous ailments and can be treated easily.

Primary Causes of Tonsil Stones

Tonsil is naturally available on the walls of your throat and they play an active role in preventing the foreign substances from slipping into the lungs. They are also termed as lymph nodes which work to filter the viruses and bacteria while producing antibodies and white blood cells. When foods, debris, other substances stuck on the groves of your tonsil, it may lead to Tonsil Stones Symptoms. The white blood cells in body combat against these accumulations of debris on tonsil and when the white blood cells in body decreases these hard particles keep on building up and this leads to a formation of stone on the tonsil grooves.

The Symptoms of Tonsil Stones

In fact, there are no early symptoms of Tonsil Stones in many people. However, people may experience milder symptoms like irritation of the tonsils while swallowing foods or redness of the tonsil. There are also other common symptoms which are often neglected by the sufferer of tonsil stone, of which the most common is the bad breathing. The bacteria and debris which grow on the tonsil stone usually produce foul smell and when the person breathes out the foul odor spreads.

The person may also experience like something is stuck on their throat while swallowing. Some of the other symptoms include reoccurring tonsillitis, mild or choric sore throat.

Treatments For Tonsil Stones

The most common and widely used treatment procedure for Tonsil Stones is simply scraping the stones off with the help of your toothbrush. Apart from this method there are many other home remedies which you may try to at home. The most effective is the gargling with warm salt water which can help dislodge the stone build-up in tonsil grooves. You can also make use of cotton swab to remove the stones which are easily visible. Doctors also recommend their patients to use the water flossing device like Water Pik which can easily power wash the debris and bacteria out from your tonsils.

In many cases, the Tonsil Stones are grooved deeply into the tonsil and the stones can’t be removed using the home remedy and hence seeking help of ENT specialist is recommended in such condition. The medical procedures will use to remove the stones and if the person frequently gets stones on their tonsil, the doctor may suggest removal of the tonsil permanently.


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